Aina's Game Moderator/Master Application.

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Aina's Game Moderator/Master Application.

Post  Aina on Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:57 am

Name: Aina Le

IGN : Ainax3

Location: Canada,British Columbia.

Time Zone : PST ( Pacific South Time )

Age: 18

Hobbies: Playing SuperMS (: , Reading , writing stories, making videos , swimming. Laughing Very Happy

Why should we choose you out of a million: Because I stand out, I'm mature and responsible , quick and efficient , and I'm on mostly 24/7 , I'm friendly and outgoing and will do anything for the sake of this server.

Have you had any experience being a GM: Yes.

Reason why I'm not a GM anymore: The server is down at the moment.

Will you donate ? If I could, I would donate so much.

What can you do to improve the server: To make the community fun and enjoyable , with no Hackers/Drama.

Are you confident in becoming a GM: Well, I'm not the one to say this, it's the administrator's opinion, but I feel I'm best for the job.

On what days are you online ? Every day of the week (:

How many hours a day are you online ? 6-8 hours.

Will you level your friends and give them items ? No, obviously not! That's against the rules, and I'm never going to abuse my powers.

What's your forum user? Aina

How can we contact you? Through email . ( business uses only, only the Administrator add me )

Thank-you so much for reviewing my application. Good-luck to all those other ones!


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