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[GM app] Bliss

Post  BLisS on Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:30 pm


Age: 16

Timezone: PST


How many hours can I play: 10-12 on weekends 3-4 on weekdays

What I can do: I can do events, ban hackers, I can scroll or do stuff for people who donated.

Why I want to be a GM: To improve this server from the start, soon to be one of the greats. I would like to support that in a way that matters.

Experience: I know all the codes for the commands,clothes,weapons, etc.
I have read some rules on other private servers that make sense so now I would like to pass it on to SuperMS.

Other:I’m a active person; I like to socialize a lot with others and have a good time, after all; that‘s why we play MapleStory Private Servers. I’m a open minded person, and I take each individual opinion into view as to simply writing it off as something wrong without looking at the possible outcome of the issue at hand. I also try to help others out when possible; even if the person chooses not to acknowledge the help I offer them, even if the person is rude in the process. Having the amount of control in being a GM is much as having the simple knowledge between right and wrong; and having the judgement to make the right choice with the best possible outcome. I find it also a good thing to learn from others, and to share information with others, a way of building relationships within the community.

Contact Info: Polasik@live.com

Thank You for reading


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