[GM APP] MINE YEAH!!!! f3f3

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[GM APP] MINE YEAH!!!! f3f3

Post  Xiaokill on Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:24 am

Name:Joel, Xiaokiller

Age: 18

Location: Singapore

Time Zone: GMT+8

I'm not very good with the programming since it's not what I have studied about in my past experience. Though I have studied Flash and Java a little bit..

And yes...I'm a very creative person. :3

About me: Well I'm a GFX artist and I've worked with Photoshop for about 3 years in high school. I speak 2 languages fluently which are english and chinese. I can also speak a little french and jap. I've been a GM for a while at my friends server for a while approximately 5 months.

Why I want to become a GM: I want to help people and I'm a very approachable and friendly person. I would love to be a help to this server. I also played Maple Story SEA (south east asia) for about 3 years now and therefore I have a lot of knowledge of MapleStory. Also, I'm a very active player. I'm active in Forums so I do try to make time to play in the server. ^^;


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