Fresh's GM App

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Fresh's GM App

Post  Fresh on Sat Nov 08, 2008 12:40 pm

IGN :Fresh

Location:Toronto Ontario,Canada


Why should we choose you out of a million:Because I'm Trustworthy Helpful And Almost Always Online. I Have Hacked Before So I Know How Hackers Think And Where They Hack. I Can Host Event's And I Know The GM Handbook Like It's My Math Textbook(Good At Math)
Have you had any experience being a GM:Yes In 3 Hamachi Based Server's During The Summer I Banned Aproximatley 347 Hackers In All 3.

Will you donate ?I Will Try My Best To Donate Right Now I Am Currently Saving Up For A Car So That Way When I'm 16 I Can Drive And Got A Car Very Happy

What can you do to improve the server: Host Event's Ban Hackers Stop Noob's From Begging. I Am Currently Learning Java So When I'm Done That I Can Help You Code Things

Are you confident in becoming a GM: Yes, Very Much

On what days are you online ? Everyday

How many hours a day are you online ?1 -7 hours a day mostly at Night/Morning Im On Weekends All The Time I Never Come Off On Weekend's Not even To Sleep

Will I Level/ Give Items To My Friends? No I Will Not Or I May Loose My Job And In Life Your Job Comes First.

What If I Saw A Close Friend Hacking? I Would Have To Ban Them It's Tough Honestly It'd Be Hard. But I'd Do It Because In Life Your Job Come's First.
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Re: Fresh's GM App

Post  Thanh on Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:20 pm

Good application

Ign: Pita, Thanh, AhChangDat

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