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Training Guide By Vincent

Post  Vincent0225 on Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:47 pm

Vincent's Training Guide!

Well this is a training guide, I gathered some information and chucked all of them into this post, for the people who don't know where to train!


1-10: Henesys Hunting Ground

10-15: Slime Tree, Orange Mushroom Hidden Street.

16-20: Pig Beach, Green Mushroom Tree

21-25: Green/Horny Mushroom Tree

26-30: Ant Tunnel 1, Land Of Wild Boar, Excavation Site III

(Unlike other classes, it's mainly the same during 2nd job)

31-35: Land of Wild Boar, Fire Boar

36-40: Subway III, Garden of 3 Colors/One of the colors, Fire Boars.

41-45: Eos Tower 8th Floor, Dangerous Valley

45-50: Eos Tower 8th, Dangerous Valley, Drake's Hunting Ground, If you have enough Dex, Jetis are good too.

51-60: Straw Dummies, Gryphons, Jr. Yetis, or Coolies if you really want.

61-70: Hoodoos/Voodoos, Drake's Meal Table, Coolies, Forest Of Gollem later on.
70-75: Forest of Gollem, Hoodoos/Voodoos, Coolies. Basically, what you trained on during your 60s.

76-80: Forest of Gollem, Death Teddies, Ghost Pirates. (For White Knights/Paladins, Pirates if you're fire charged, If Ice, You might wanna go with Death Teddies)

81-90: Ghost Pirates, Death Teddies, Wolf Spiders, Maybe Centaurs later on if you're daring a fight with Griffey or Manon.

91-100: Dual Ghost Pirates, Centaurs, Squids, Vikings, Grim Phantom Watches.

100-110: Dual Ghosts, Squids, Vikings, Grims, Himes, Wyverns.

111-120: Squids, Grims, Himes, Wyverns

120 Onward-Himes, Wyverns, Newties, Skelegons.

1-10: HHG

11-15: Pigs, Slimes, Orange Mushrooms

16-20: Pigs, Green Mushrooms/Horny Mushrooms

21-30: Ant Tunnel, Boars, Masks, Rabbits.

31-40: Teddies, Kitties, Fire Boars, Jr. Wraiths

41-50: Zombie Lupins, Jr. Wraiths, Flyeyes, Dummies, Jr. Yetis

51-60: Dummies, Zombie Lupins, Zombies, Jr. Yeti

61-70: Zombies, Jr. Yeti, Hoodoos/Voodoo

71-79: Hoodoos/Voodoos, Gryphons, Pirates, Forest of Gollem.

80-89: Death Teddies, Wolf Spiders, Jr. Newties on the sniping platform maybe, and Vikings if you're daring.

90-99: Vikings, Squids, Sharks, Gobies, Jr. Newties.

100-120: Jr. Newties, Gobies, Himes, Squids

120 Onward-Jr. Newties, Himes, Skelegons.


1-10 HHG

11-20: Pigs, Orange Mushes, Slime

21-30: Green Mushes/Horny Mushrooms, Stirges, Ant Tunnel, Rabbits

31-40: Boars, Jr. Kitties, Fire Boars, Jr. Wraiths, Zombie Lupins late in the 30s.

41-50: Zombie Lupins, Pixies, Flyeyes

51-60: Gryphons, Jr. Yetis, Coolies, Dummies.

61-70: Hoodoo/Voodoo, Gryphon, Coolies, and Forest of Gollum later on.

71-80: Hoodoo/Voodoo, Forest of Gollem, Wolf Spiders later on.

81-90: Wolf Spiders, Death Teddies, Jr. Newties at snipe spot, Vikings if you really want Ilbis.

91-100: Wolf Spiders, Vikings, Squids, Jr. Newties

101-110: Vikings, Grims, Centaurs, Squids, Jr. Newties

111-120: More of the same as the 10xs. If you're a Bandit, you can try Partying at Himes.

120 Onward: Wyverns, Skelegons, Jr. Newties, Himes, and if you're a Night Lord, you can try to face Anego.

8-20: Snails, Slimes, Orange Mushrooms, and Pigs during your later 1xs.

Fire Poison

21-30: Green Mushes/Hornies, Ant Tunnel, Rabbit, Boars.

31-40: Boars, Jack Boxes, Jr. Grupins when your Fire Arrow gets better.

41-50: Grizzlys, Jr. Pepe, Moon Bunny

51-60: Grizzlys, Samihos, Grupins, Jetis, if you're gutsy with Poison, Death Teddies.

61-70: Hoodoo, Samihos, Grupins

71-80: Death Teddies, Ghost Pirates, Lethal Squids

81-90: Squids, Pirates, Grims, Sharks

91-100: Sharks, Grims, Squids

101-110: Sharks, Grims

111-120: Sharks, Himes, Nest with both Newties and Skelegons.

121 Beyond: Blue Wyverns, Newties, Skelegons, Himes


30-40: Wild Boars, Ant Tunnel, Psycho Jacks (If you're ice, then Fire Boars/Jr. Cellions or Lioners later)

41-50: More Jr. Kitties if you're ice, Retz and A Night in the forest becomes great when you're lightning.

50-60: Secret Spa or Red Drakes if you're ice, otherwise gryphons and zombie lupins for great lightning.

61-70: Try Zapping Gryphons or Zombie Lupins, maybe some alternation with FOG.

71-80: Don't be afraid to zap a little more early on, when you hit 75, make sure you have Ice Strike and Freeze wolf spiders and maybe Death Teddies later on.

81-90: Bains, Wolf Spiders, Pirates, Death Teddies, whatever floats your boat.

91-100: Vikings, Bains, Red Centaurs, Red Wyverns?

101-110: Himes, Newties, Red Wyverns, Squids, Gobies.

111-120: More of the same, you can even try skelegons if you're really bored.

120 Onward: Himes, Newties, Red Wyverns, Skelegons.

30-40: Jacks, maybe Jr. Wraiths

41-50: Jr. Wraiths, Wraiths later on. Zombie Lupins also an option.

50-60: Wraiths and Zombie Lupins lead here, if you are bored of those, there are skeletons, and Hoodoos/voodoos later on.

61-70: Hoodoo/Voodoo by far, nothing beats it for a cleric here.

71-80: More Hoodoos/Voodoos, you can try OHKOing Wraiths, or maybe be partying at Death Teddies.

81-90: Party with a DK at Grims, or you can do Death Teddies or Himes.

91-100: Try Partying at Grims or Gobies, or perhaps even squids, or you can solo Himes or grims.

101-110: Solo at Grims or Himes, or join a party with someone.

111-120: Himes, or party with someone at Newties or Wyverns.

120 onward: Skelegons or Himes, and you can Genesis Newties.

Well that's it, hope it helped.
-Vincent Valentine!


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